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Why The Breathing MOT?


The Breathing MOT is a service designed to identify breathing pattern abnormalities. It is a one-off assessment for those struggling to control their breathing, or for those looking to optimise their breathing, health, and performance.

It has been designed by expert respiratory physiotherapists at Air Physiotherapy, and with decades of experience between them, they understand first hand how overwhelming and frightening breathing problems can be, as well as appreciating how important the breathing system is in our overall health, well-being and performance.

Many people appreciate the role and importance of good breathing, but many don't know how to recognise bad breathing beyond mouth breathing.

Breathing pattern disorders have always been around, and in fact it was in 1871 in civil war soldiers that symptoms of BPD were first reported, although at this time they were thought to be attributed to a cardiac cause. Hundreds of years later, and although we are much more familiar with the impact of good and bad breathing on our physical and mental health, many people are still not aware of what a breathing pattern disorder is and how debilitating it can be. As a result, many people are suffering for a long time until they eventually get a diagnosis.

We frequently see people who have presented to their GP with a constellation of symptoms, they have undergone extensive testing over a period of months, sometimes years, to then be told there is no underlying medical cause of their symptoms, and in fact they have a breathing pattern disorder.

The journey to diagnosis and treatment does not need to be this long. Our aim is to educate and empower the general public and healthcare professionals to recognise breathing pattern disorders earlier, and direct patients to a service to get them started on treatment.

Start your journey to optimal breathing today


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