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Is a Breathing MOT right for you?

The Breathing MOT is designed to identify breathing pattern abnormalities and teach you how to breathe optimally so you can improve your physical and mental health, your performance, and your ability to enjoy life.

But how do you know if a Breathing MOT is for you?

We’ve put together some common scenarios we see in clinic below; see if you identify with any of these experiences:

Do you have an underlying condition?

You’ve been diagnosed with an underlying condition such as asthma, long Covid or COPD, and you were assessed at the time of your initial diagnosis, but over time, you feel that your condition may have led to poor breathing habits, exacerbating symptoms like breathlessness, inactivity, and anxiety.

If you feel something may be ‘off’ with your breathing, the Breathing MOT is for you.

By assessing your breathing patterns and identifying any areas that may need improvement, our respiratory physiotherapists can help you regain control over your breathing and manage your symptoms more effectively. Your breathing assessment will give you the skills you need to help you breathe easier and live better, so you can manage your underlying condition better.

Are you burnt out?

You feel like you’re juggling way too many balls, you’re working all hours, rushing to make your commute, running around at home to take care of the kids, then as soon as they’re in bed you’re back to work again until you fall exhausted into bed (and weekends aren’t vastly different)… does this sound familiar?

The Breathing MOT is for you.

When you feel overworked like this you are much more at risk of functioning in a constant mode of ‘fight-or-flight’. Also called the acute stress response, the fight-or-flight response is a physiological reaction to an event that the body perceives stressful or dangerous. Your body releases a number of hormones to either stay where you are and deal with a threat, or to run away to safety – fight or flight.

This can turn into a pattern of being in a repetitive or continuous state of fight or flight, which can have negative effects on your breathing – typically making it faster, shallower, from the upper chest and via the mouth. This can make it even more difficult to cope with stress.

This is where the Breathing MOT comes in. Your breathing will be meticulously assessed, paying particular attention to how certain triggers, such as stress, is affecting your breathing. Your respiratory physiotherapist will give you the skills and confidence on how to improve your breathing pattern as well as manage your triggers to help you take back control of your breathing.

Are you exceptionally driven, and want to be the very best version of yourself?

You want to know that you’re doing everything possible to perform at your best – not just in sport, but within your professional life too. You’re a high achiever who wants to be the best you can be… is this you?

If so, the Breathing MOT is for you.

It can help you optimise your performance, both mentally and physically. By understanding how your breathing impacts your energy levels, focus, and overall wellbeing, you can be sure you’re working at your full potential. The Breathing MOT offers personalised assessments that uncover any issues or unhelpful habits you may have picked up with your breathing, empowering you to make positive changes and exceed your performance goals.

Are you training for a specific event?

You’re working up to a big event, like a marathon or triathlon (or indeed any sport!), and you know that every aspect of training counts, including how you’re breathing.

If you want to perform at your very best at an event, the Breathing MOT is for you.

By identifying discrepancies, optimising your breathing patterns, and strengthening your breathing muscles, our respiratory physiotherapists can help you enhance your performance. Our diaphragm, just like any other muscle, responds to a repetitive overload. We use specific training devices to help you strengthen your diaphragm, improving endurance and reducing breathing muscle fatigue when it matters. Whether it’s boosting stamina or maximising breathing efficiency, getting your breathing right is key to reaching peak performance.

If you’d like to know more about the Breathing MOT or you’d like to book, please visit

If you need any assistance with making a booking, please contact us on or 020 7971 1464.

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